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Marymoor Park | Redmond, Washington

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers just announced a string of shows kicking off this Spring and Summer of a new year. The folk-rockers are coming to town at Redmond, Washington right at Marmoor Amphitheater for a special show on July 12. Turning the summer heat right up, their roster of hits and fan favorites is bound to make your heart race in excitement. On their third gleam era, the band has been performing non-stop, sharing their hits live on stage - the very reason why we all fell in love with their music. Since the release of their newest EP, we've all been itching for news of a new album... so with a few months leading to their new shows, we still have our fingers crossed! Nonetheless, every show led by Seth and Scott is full of sonic surprises. They always get us feeling' "I and Love and You". Don't miss out on their timeless hits and crowd favorites by booking your tickets now!

For over twenty years, the band has changed the folk-rock game, turning the beat up with their unique blend of sonic influences in the mix. Matched with their striking and honest lyrics, The Avett Brothers has all of us hooked - especially through their biggest hit singles - "Magpie and the Dandelion" and "I and Love and You". Their newest release "The Third Gleam" back in 2020, marked the third installment to their Gleam series - a set of stripped-back songs that "remind you why people fell in love with this band in the first place," as noted by NPR.

The Third Gleam tracklist:
1. Victory
2. I Should've Spent The Day With My Family
3. Prison to Heaven
4. Back Into the Light
5. Women Like You
6. Untitled #4
7. I Go to My Heart
8. The Fire

"The lyrics, the honesty, the feeling you could be in the room, right there, up close with them as they sing their heart out," NPR added.

The feeling that you're up close, singing your heart out is about to become a reality... as The Avett Brothers kick off a series of shows this Spring and Summer. Turning the heat right up, you're about to witness the boys perform their greatest and legendary hits right before your eyes. We're betting on "Live and Die", "February Seven", "Ain't No Man", "High Steppin'", and "I and Love and You" on the setlist. This list isn't confirmed, but whatever pops up, it's surely bound to be a highlight of your year.

Burning with passion and emotion in every track, Seth and Scott Avett are known to incorporate elements of bluegrass, punk, pop, rock, country, and folk in their mix, setting their music's character apart from the rest. Though we've highlighted the technical side of their sound, it's not what solely makes them great... it's all about how they connect and impart the power of music to every listener around the world. With Grammy nominations for Best Americana Album with "The Carpenter", Best American Roots Performance with "Ain't No Man", and Best Americana Album for "True Sadness", there's no doubt about the recognition and acclaim they've received from critics and fans alike.

"If there was a heart or soul or spirit to everything we do, [The Gleams] orbit a bit closer to that. If there’s layers to an entity or a life, this is kind of at the pure center of it," they shared with The Blue Grass Station.

Twenty years of music, concerts, and special moments with all of their fans, The Avett Brothers' legacy will continue to live on. Though word of new music is yet to be unveiled, rockin' it all out to their roster of hits will definitely be an experience like no other. Don't miss out on their special show live at Marymoor Amphitheater on July 12th by booking your tickets now!

The Avett Brothers at Marymoor Park

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