Squeeze & Boy George at Marymoor Amphitheater

Squeeze & Boy George Tickets

Marymoor Park | Redmond, Washington

Squeeze & Boy George

This summer, old school music fanatics better be rejoicing because a new wave post punk extravaganza is definitely in store! Two ‘80s titans are joining forces to serve listeners a brilliant tandem - one that you never knew you needed! Squeeze Me Boy George brings exhilarating titles from the era and are brought to life by two of the most revered performers - Boy George from the legendary Culture Club and Squeeze, the Cool for Cats septet! Both hailing from London, these powerhouse crosses the Pacific and make their way Stateside to deliver a massive outing - one that would pass by Redmond, Washington, just for fun and for the serious demand! On Thursday 15th August 2024, you can rock out like it’s 1985 as Squeeze and Boy George tear it up at the Marymoor Amphitheater! Expect thrilling singles and smashing hits as these new wave legends bring their exhilarating catalogs! It’s a guaranteed mind blowing showdown and you’ll be talking about this moment for years to come! So don’t miss it and secure passes now!

Stop what you are doing right now! This news is just too awesome to pass up! There’s definitely another British invasion this summer and this time, these London post punk titans are armed with timeless smashing hits! Prolific English hitmakers Squeeze and Boy George band together to bring Americans one epic tour and they’re here to serve an exhilarating blast from the past! Experience live showdowns of world famous titles like Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon,” “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me,” and “Church of a Poison Mind.” Meanwhile, Squeeze will also be turning up the heat with iconic tracks like “Take Me I’m Yours,” “Hourglass,” “Cool for Cats,” and “Up the Junction.”

This highly coveted extravaganza of ‘80s icons is guaranteed to serve out of this world production with Marymoor Amphitheater’s uber modern lights, stage, and sound, it’s a pretty awesome setup that perfectly suits an open-air venue. Fans are in for an excellent evening as these two legendary new wave acts cover their phenomenal catalog. These hitmakers were not just a part of the British invasion, they basically led the army! In this case, the army was a series of massive staples that defined an entire era of music. Now isn’t it cool that these blokes are still around serving stellar shows?! Well, whether you lived through the era or just a super cool dude or chic who listens to ‘80s new wave staples, you’re bound to experience a stunning performance.

Boy George and Squeeze may have been around since the late ‘70s, but they sing and belt out hits on stage like it’s 1985! These men are still bringing it and they’re here to show younger musicians a run for their money! Ultimately, seasoned performers like these folks will surefire deliver riveting, incredibly tight sets. In addition to being super musicians, they’ve been performing these songs for decades!

Bring on the fire hits because Squeeze Me Boy George is serving massive staples at the Marymoor Amphitheater! Secure passes now to their show on Thursday 15th August 2024 by clicking on the Get Tickets link now before you miss out!

Squeeze & Boy George at Marymoor Park

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