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Marymoor Park | Redmond, Washington

Lee Brice

LEE BRICE is coming to you LIVE IN CONCERT! Known for his 2007 breakthrough hit co-writing "More Than a Memory" for Garth Brooks, and a succession of successful albums to his name over the last years, the man is taking his best hits and all-time fan favorites to the stage. Part of his shows scheduled for the year includes a stop at Marymoor Amphitheater on Friday, August 2. Turning the summer heat right up, his country anthems are bound to make all of our hearts pound to the beat. His roster of hit singles and multi-platinum hits include "A Woman Like You", "Parking Lot Party", "I Drive Your Truck", "I Don't Dance", "One of Them Girls", "Memory I Don't Mess With", "Soul", and "Hard to Love". In recent news, his new single "Drinkin' Buddies" with country pals Nate Smith and Hailey Whitters is making rounds. Now, don't miss out on your favorite hits and the man's big surprises, LIVE IN CONCERT. Book those tix now!

With a roster of multi-platinum hits up his sleeve, LEE BRICE is taking his legendary catalog LIVE IN CONCERT! This year, he's marked a couple of shows across the country, stoked to meet his fans and sing the night away. Known for his country hits - A Woman Like You", "Parking Lot Party", "I Drive Your Truck", "I Don't Dance", "One of Them Girls", "Memory I Don't Mess With", "Soul", and "Hard to Love", he's set to perform an amazing set of country music hits.

Turning the summer heat right up at Marymoor Amphitheater on August 2, Brice is giving it his all. In recent news, the man shared a new single "Drinkin' Buddies" with his country pals Nate Smith and Hailey Whitters. Singing a track about friends who are down to get drunk until every single ounce of their problems go away, it's a unique take on a breakup anthem.

"The story behind ‘Drinking Buddies’ is so cool," Brice told Audacy, sharing that the song was pitched by his friend, written by Chris DeStefano, Justin Wilson, and Zach Kale. "I got pitched this song by a friend, who has pitched me some really great songs in the past. I heard the song and I even stopped it right in the middle of the song and I said, ‘Man, I’m cutting this song.’"

Teaming up with Nate and Hailey for the song, he shares how the camaraderie between both guys and girls in a track that tackles love and heartbreak turned out to be something he really enjoyed. "Whenever I got Nate on it and Hailey on it, man, it just made it come to life," he said.

Though official word of a new album is yet to be heard, it seems like the artist has some fun and big surprises ahead of us. His last album "Hey World" was released in 2020, serving his multi-platinum hit singles "One of Them Girls" and "Memory I Don't Mess With". Known for his songs that strike the feels, it's always been about the music where his voice and story shines.

In a conversation with Las Vegas Weekly, Brice shares how his recent guitar-driven tour allowed him to see how 20 guitars on stage was one of the most fun things he's ever done, really his voice connecting with the audience.

"Now that I’m back with the band, I’m thinking about that part, kind of slowing it down for a moment and telling that true stuff that connects to the audience, rather than just the music coming at you. I still like to keep it a roller coaster ride, but I’ll kick the band off stage to do a few by myself," he told the Weekly.

He also hints that his upcoming sixth album could be expected by 2025. Though we don't have details about a title or what kind of stuff to expect, he shares that he's been working hard to make it work.

Now, don't miss out on LEE BRICE: LIVE IN CONCERT, featuring his big hits - and maybe some big surprises in the mix. Book those tickets now!

Lee Brice at Marymoor Park

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