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Marymoor Park | Redmond, Washington

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"I'm all out of love... I'm so lost without you..." Well, get ready to receive a dose of rockin' love songs as Air Supply heads back to the live stage. Close to celebrating five decades of the most beautiful and meaningful love songs there is, Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock is bringing THE LOST IN LOVE EXPERIENCE back to the stage. Part of the iconic duo's blast from the past shows include a stop at Marymoor Amphitheater on Sunday, July 14th. Experience heartfelt and endearing performances as Air Supply serenades the crowd with their greatest hits - "Lost In Love", "Making Love (Out of Nothing At All", "Here I Am (The One That You Love", "Now And Forever", and many more. It's your chance to relive timeless melodies that struck our hearts. Since 1975, they continue to serenade souls with their soft rock hits, keeping legendary music alive in concert. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock met in 1975, at the first day of "Jesus Christ Superstar" rehearsals in Sydney. Quickly becoming friends sharing a love for The Beatles and singing their hearts out, they took their partnership to the stage, one guitar and two voices. Captivating audiences for their harmonies and early originals, they became local pub favorites. Now, they're global legends known for their unique and soul-striking soft rock love anthems.

Though a couple of labels turned down their demos, CBS Records praised the fellows' unique style. One afternoon, their single quickly shot to the top of the charts, and Air Supply kicked off a journey of nonstop hits. By 2013, they were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association’s Hall of Fame.

Air Supply marked its global dominance in the 80s as its re-recorded version of "Lost in Love" soared the charts, scoring three US top 5 singles. These hits were "Lost in Love" at #3, "Every Woman in the World" at #5, and "All Out of Love" at #2. Just reading those song titles instantly gets us humming to each single's tune. The album was awarded 2x Platinum by the RIAA, selling over three million copies. With 17 studio LPs in their discography, they sure touched the hearts of listeners around the globe. Sung by Hitchcock's tenor voice, we've all fallen in love. Some fan favorites include "The One That You Love", "Making Love Out of Nothing at All", "Sweet Dreams", "Just as I Am", "Lonely Is the Night", and so much more.

In 2019, the duo released "The Lost in Love Experience, a live album featuring live recorded performances of Air Supply's greatest hits and all-time favorites across four decades of their reign as legends in the soft rock genre.

Now, Russell and Hitchcock continue to share The Lost in Love Experience on stage, allowing listeners around the globe to witness the magic of an Air Supply concert. It sure does give shivers when every single soul sings out "All Out of Love".

In a conversation with METRMAG, Hitchcock shares that "All Out of Love" is an Air Supply song he sees as personally special, one that represents the duo's partnership and collaboration throughout the decades. " It was so successful a song and in many ways. I mean, it still gets played – five million times on American radio," he said. "But it also successfully reflects our relationship in the making of the song. I remember when we were going over parts there was one section I wasn’t sure I could sing - But Russell sort of said ‘you can do it’ so I did and it all worked. So, that song is, and has, the BOTH of us in there. And that’s just the way it goes. We both make all the decisions together."

Don't miss out on THE LOST IN LOVE EXPERIENCE at Marymoor Amphitheater on July 14, 2024 by booking your tickets now!

Air Supply at Marymoor Park

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