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Marymoor Park | Redmond, Washington

Brit Floyd

BRIT FLOYD is back on the road! As one of the best PINK FLOYD tribute acts to exist, the real deal is taking another of the original band's legendary pieces back to life. Following their highly successful shows in celebration of the 50th anniversary of "The Dark Side Of The Moon", the tribute act is now commemorating the 30th anniversary of Pink Floyd's 14th LP "The Division Bell". Three decades of its musical glory, the album has served its roster of hits - "Lost for Words", "Wearing the Inside Out", "Coming Back to Life", "Marooned", "High Hopes", and many more. The P-U-L-S-E World Tour is hitting the stage at Marymoor Amphitheater on Wednesday, June 19. Turning the summer heat right up, you can't miss out on the real deal, Pink Floyd's hits reborn in a night that'll take you back to the good ol' days. Book your tickets now!

Golden. Every beat and guitar slammin' groove is bound to shake every audience at BRIT FLOYD's P-U-L-S-E World Tour. Celebrating three decades of Pink Floyd's 14th LP "The Division Bell", the acclaimed tribute act is jet-set to share blasts from the past in a show that's definitely the real deal. In its signature pitch-perfect manner, Brit Floyd shares the realest Pink Floyd experience in the modern age. Fans of all ages are able to witness the same energy that the original band shared in its live shows from back in the day.

Pink Floyd pioneered the dawn of progressive and psychedelic rock, becoming an icon with their slew of rockin' hits. Known for their unique sound and striking live shows, every fan craves for more. It's an experience one cannot simply forget and move on from. To this day, die-hard fans continue to rave and crave the Pink Floyd experience.

In 1994, the band released "The Division Bell", serving a slew of their best hits - "Lost for Words", "Wearing the Inside Out", "Coming Back to Life", "Marooned", and "High Hopes". Three decades since its release, the record continues to captivate generations of rockheads, old and new.

"We put on a very substantial show," Damian Darlington, musical director of Brit Floyd, shared. "There's a huge light show, there's video projections, there's lasers, there's inflatables and there's over 2 1/2 hours of the best of Pink Floyd music running alongside all of that."

Producing the most authentic Pink Floyd experience anyone can get in this day and age, Brit Floyd's shows serve a massive dose of rock nostalgia. You're in for a blast from the past. Replicating the original band's every pitch and move in their live shows, their talent and commitment to music is truly outstanding. Don't worry, they aren't the type to slide in a few originals in the mix, they're keeping it real as the REALest Pink Floyd experience you can get.

"I think it’s a desire (for audiences) to experience this music live. For those who were young when it came out, it’s the soundtrack of their lives," Darlington shared, as cited from a feature by Local Spins. "It helped create their identity. The younger generation who weren’t born (when the band was recording and touring) want to experience it live."

Whether you're an old soul longing for the same experience that older generations were fortunate to witness or a young-at-heart fan seeking that dose of nostalgia from the good ol' days, Brit Floyd is the real deal. Every hard rocker is welcome to the show. Having shaped a new age of music, Pink Floyd's legendary music is here to stay - live on stage.

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Brit Floyd at Marymoor Park

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